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Amber Allure: Unraveling the Enchanting World of Scented Candles

Amber’s scent is one that leaves an indelible mark in our memory. Just like its beguiling scent, the origin behind amber’s fragrance also has a mystical history. 

The two common ideas about Amber is that it is a fossilized tree resin - a thick substance from tree barks that hardens as time passes. Another version is that the fragrance came from ambergris - a wax-like material present in a sperm whale’s gut. 

You might think, “Yuck!”. But that stuff from whales was in-demand back then because it was an essential ingredient for expensive and unique perfumes. However, these two origins produced different kinds of scent profiles and it is often debated where the modern amber scent came from. 

But, regardless of its true origin, amber is undoubtedly one of the most captivating fragrances to incorporate into a luxurious candle such as LeneNicole Candle Co.’s line of amber-based soy candles. 

LeneNicole Candle Co.’s Amber Candles 

Unapologetic: Powder + Amber + Dark Musk

  1. Unapologetic: Powder + Amber + Dark Musk

The Unapologetic candle dares to be different, combining the delicate essence of powder with the warm embrace of Amber and the alluring depth of dark musk. As the candle burns, it releases a unique symphony of scents, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and mystery. The woody violet base adds an earthy charm, making it a perfect companion for evenings of introspection and serenity.

Sex + Slow Jams + Wine: Saffron + Black Currant + Amber

  1. Sex + Slow Jams + Wine: Saffron + Black Currant + Amber

Indulge in the sensual and intoxicating aroma of the Sex + Slow Jams + Wine candle. With its notes of saffron, black currant, and Amber, this candle sets the stage for a passionate and romantic ambiance. As you bask in the glow of its flame, slow jams serenade your senses, while a glass of wine complements the alluring fragrance, creating an unforgettable experience for the body and soul.

  1. Bottomless Mimosa: Champagne + Mandarin + Amber

Raise a toast to the vibrant and sparkling Bottomless Mimosa candle. Celebrate the essence of a delightful brunch with this scintillating fragrance, combining the effervescence of champagne, the zestiness of mandarin, and the warm embrace of Amber. It's a delightful companion for laid-back mornings and joyous celebrations, encapsulating the spirit of endless possibilities.

Chakras + Crystals: Palo Santo Wood + Amber + Soft Musk

  1. Chakras + Crystals: Palo Santo Wood + Amber + Soft Musk

Embrace a moment of tranquility with the Chakras + Crystals candle. Infused with the sacred scent of palo santo wood, complemented by the soothing warmth of Amber and the soft musk, this candle evokes a sense of grounding and balance. Let the creamy and woodsy aroma transport you to a place of spiritual connection and calmness, making it ideal for meditation and reflection.

Indulge in the Allure of Amber: Shop Now!

Unleash the magic of Unapologetic, ignite the passion with Sex + Slow Jams + Wine, toast to joy with Bottomless Mimosa, or find inner peace with Chakras + Crystals. Each candle is a journey of aromas that will leave an indelible mark on your senses.

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