• "Candles That Express Your Mind + Mood."

"Candles That Express Your Mind + Mood."


Listen this package was so damn sexy, I didn't even want to open it!  But I did, and babbyyy, the amazing smell of this chakras + crystals is EVERYTHING!!  The handwritten note seals the deal!

P. McGill

...that candle smells so good.  OMG... it is wonderful.  I didn't want to burn it but the cats smell; I see why you have had so many sales

Janice P.

...your candles burn so long and slow!!  I love that!

K. Grady

...these candles are super grown and sexy!

T. Lockheart

Thank you for my order.  They were beautifully wrapped and tucked away very well.  They all smell fabulously... but my favorite is 'Sex+Slow Jams+Wine' lavish.luxury.  Thank you.


I'm ordering a few other MOODS tomorrow! This daydream'n got my bedroom hypnotizing! 

S. Levine

I want them all!  My whole damn house is smelling good and that's not a lie!

Tamika S.

[Relaxation]... is really setting my whole mood.  And my living area just smells of some kind of wonderful enchanting vacation!  Next, I want Unapologetic (Nag Champa), it smells so good!

E. Overby

Babyyyyyyyy this sex slow jams & wine... is EVERYTHING

D. Greene

Unwind + Relax

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