Scents + Descriptions

Birthday Shenanigans exudes fragrance notes of sweet coconut shavings, sugared berries, melted butter, sweet caramel and creamy vanilla that’s sure to convert any room into a fresh bakery and leave you in a complete birthday turn up mood.
Brown Suga’ Baby exudes fragrance notes of cocoa butter with notes of vanilla tonka, coconut, amber and musk— Sis, you are a melanin queen!
Chakras + Crystals exudes fragrance notes of wood, warm amber and soft musk that will promote a sense of energetic cleansing during spiritual healing!
Charcuterie + Vino exudes fragrance notes of black currant, red wine, and black cherries while hints of oak and vanilla provide a sweet finish, similarly to the glass of wine in your hand!
Cigar Lounge exudes fragrance notes of intoxicating blends of bourbon, rum, and cognac with hints of geranium, palmarosa and cedar, all notes that compliment a light to medium or a medium to full body Cuban!
Daydream’n exudes fragrance notes of pineapple, honeydew melon, and all things of a tropical oasis that resonates with fantasizing of sunny skies, clear water, and white sand.

F^*k It!  I’m Over It! exudes fragrance notes of eucalyptus + spearmint, and peppermint that promotes a sense of relaxation to clear your mind, soothe and uplift you.

Monday Morning Blues exudes fragrance notes of rich robust ground coffee beans, with very light scents of sugar and cream that adds a bit of a sweetness, just what you need when you’re tired.

Perfect Gentleman exudes fragrance notes of robust masculinity with its bold and complex hints of teakwood, ginger, peppercorn, and spice, making this scent the overall, #MCM!
Relaxation exudes fragrance notes of fresh leaves, coconut, and slight hints of fruit, allowing this gentleness to be reminiscent of a spa retreat or a mesmerizing scene in a bamboo forest, all while you meditate!

Sex + Slow Jams + Wine exudes fragrance notes of black currant, amber, patchouli and cedarwood that inspires a sense of sensation during a romantic night of bliss and all things the body desires, all while listening to slow jams with a glass of wine.  TOP SELLER
What's The Tea?! exudes fragrance notes of soft fresh citrusy top notes of mandarin, bergamot, along with notes of jasmine, thyme, ginger and of course white tea buds.  This is the ’tea’ you need, not the ’tea’ that requires you to mind yo’ damn business!
When Life Hands You Lemons exudes fragrance notes of sweet sugared lemons, just enough sugar for when you think you’re having a bad day and need to add lots of vodka to our lemons (problems)!