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Our Vision

Candles have a place on every occasion. It is also a useful tool for our self-expression.

This is why we envision LeneNicole Candle to be the leading scented candle maker in the District of Columbia.

As a small business, our first priority is sustainable growth. Our commitment to sustainability can be seen in our ingredients and base materials. We use soy wax for our candles, hand-picked cotton wicks and reusable glass containers.

In our quest for sustainable growth, we want to grow steadily without compromising our financial stability or core value. We aim for long-term viability and profitability.

Apart from sustainable growth we also want to achieve expansion and innovation. This may involve establishing strategic partnerships, opening international offices, or leveraging digital platforms to tap into global customer bases. Also, we will continuously adapt to changing market dynamics, embrace emerging technologies, and seek new opportunities, so that LeneNicole will maintain an edge over its competitors and drive long-term success.