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Customers Love LeneNicole.

It was a pleasure meeting you and purchasing your candles at Madewell at Montgomery Mall. Can't wait to gift your candles this holiday season and to tell others about your products! Thank you. -Stacey

Huntyyy! We lit the Relaxation Candle this morning. The scent traveled all the way upstairs into our office, and calmly woke my husband out of his sleep this morning. Your candles are the truth!! We are definitely ordering again. -Adrienne

It was a pleasure meeting you today and hugging you in person finally. You are everything God says you are and your work ethic is phenomenal.  Keep pushing.  -R. Harrod

Ms. Darlene... I visited your booth at the seafood festival on Saturday.  Bought a bunch of candles & could not be happier with my purchase. Your set up was on point, customer service... on point! I visited your website... on point! I've been singing your praises & would love to learn more about your business and what I can do to support it! Have a great day, full of blessings & sunshine! - Lauren

Love this! Superb small business! -Anonymous Square Customer

Yes ma'am... haven't tried anything yet but I feel something good about you and your product.  There will be more opportunities for us to connect.  Praying an overflow of blessings to you and your business. -D. Hughes

 ... and I really love your products and [will] continue to purchase. -Terri R.

Omg! This is may favorite [Christmas Morning] I hope it's more on the site because babyyyyy! -Sunny

I got my spray yesterday, once again, you never disappoint!! -Joy T.M.

I am currently burning this [Cuff'n Szn] candle right now & I'm in love! -Noelle B.

I LOVE the two new scents and Perfect Gentleman is my new favorite.  I was joking with my husband this morning trying to describe how much I love the new scent and told him I wanted to pour the wax all over him because it smelled so GOOD.  It needs to be a cologne.  I don’t know how you do it but LADY, you’ve got talent!!! -A. Wright

Happy Saturday! Absolutely Love your new packaging. Will be ordering two of your breast cancer candles... S/N Inside the box smelled so good. -Anonymous 

The apple candle [Fall Mornings] I lit smelled SO good! -Traci M.

Omg this candle smells soooo GOOODDDD!!  GEMINI AND DAYDREAMING IS MY TOP TWO FAVORITE... that candle had my room smelling so refreshing even after I blew it out. -Qiyyah

I genuinely LOVE your products! -Kay

I bought one of your candles [Chakras + Crystals] at Madewell and loved it! I would like to buy more ... -Ricki G.

I LOVE your Candles. I received "Gemini" today among some others, I cannot wait to burn that one. It smells DIVINE. -Tesa

These [When Life Hands You Lemons] candles are the truth! I bought one from the art show a few weeks ago. I can smell while its not even burning. -Bri

...I'm loving the candles, smells amazing. -AJG Photography

These room sprays are everything! Love them and they are definitely long-lasting! -Renee C.

... when I say I'm a candle enthusiast, I AM! Great quality, packaging & the scents are Amazing!!! More Dog Mom ASAP...OMG 🥰Love IT. Thanks so much -K. Fitzgerald

...LOVE the top tier service. - Isis

Ma'am, I'm in my new apartment and the way this [Sex + Slow Jams + Wine] has my whole living room smelling!! - Nahema

They (Cozy Nights, Weekend Cuddles, Fall Mornings) all smell AMAZING!!!! Your products never cease to amaze me! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world! - Mrs. Martin

Let me start by saying I love all things LNCC and I am always satisfied!! My most recent purchase was 2 room sprays in Happy Hour and Plant Mom. (the new packaging btw) They both smell amazing!! I spray them any chance I get and will be purchasing them both again. - Leslie S.