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Top 5 Benefits You Will Exclusively Enjoy with Soy-Based Candles

The traditional candle we have been using since the 1800s is made from paraffin. Paraffin is derived from petroleum which makes it dangerous to inhale. Apart from the harmful effects to our health, it also leaves dark soot and wall stains. 

Recently, the best alternative to paraffin candles are soy-based candles. From its name we understand that it is a renewable and biodegradable product. Made from soybeans, soy candles don’t give off pollutants and are free from harsh chemicals.

This article will help you understand the five benefits you can gain from using soy-based candles.

5 Exclusive Benefits from Soy-Based Candles

Soy wax was invented by a group of Purdue University students who were working on their science project. They had to create a birthday candle by means of a renewable source and it led them to choose soybean oil. In fact, their entry was awarded first prize in a competition sponsored by the Indiana Soybean Development Council and Purdue’s Department of Agronomy. 

What was meant to be a humble school project turned out to be a game-changing discovery that benefits people until now. Here are some special advantages that you can enjoy when using soy candles.

Purchasing soy candles helps farmers

When you purchase a candle from LeneNicole Candle Co., you are helping the local economy. The production of soybeans in various states contributes a significant amount to our country’s financial state. 

Additionally, it helps in job creation since a higher demand for soybeans will mean that there is a bigger need for people to work in soybean farms. 

Soy candle residue is easier to clean

The melting point of soy wax is lesser than that of a paraffin candle. Basically, it is a biodegradable candle. Hence, the wax becomes softer at lower temperatures. Any spills coming from your soy-based candle can be simply cleaned using soap and water. 

Cost-efficient product

Soy based candles burn slower than paraffin-based ones. This means you won’t spend too much on buying one candle after another. You will be able to enjoy your candle for a longer time. This gives you the opportunity to indulge in something that makes you happy without breaking your budget. 

Suited for vegan lifestyle practitioners

Candles made from soy are inclusive because they can be used by people who follow the vegan lifestyle. Back then, it was difficult to shop for candles that do not include beeswax or any kind of animal fat. Soy candles are 100% vegan and give you a guilt-free pleasure of enjoying relaxing scents!

Fuller fragrance

A soy candle’s fragrance comes from the wax pool that is formed around the wick. Since the melting point is lower, it can form a bigger pool surrounding the wick that gives off a stronger scent. Aside from enjoying the aroma filling your room, you don’t need to worry about the candle smoke because there are no harsh chemicals incorporated into soy-based candles. 


Non-toxic candles are now a trend and soy-based candles are constantly on the list of vegan candles to consider buying - and for good reasons! If you want to explore aromatherapy or are just looking for a way to have a more relaxing environment in your room, soy candles are a must try because it is a socially-sensitive product. Its manufacturing is not all about aesthetics only but also considers the farmers, our environment and our health. 

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