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Lavender + Sage + Cedarwood 

Known as the 'greed decade’,  or a “Different World”, let's go “Back to the Future" to the ‘eighties’, when after school programs consisted of "ABC Afterschool Specials" … More importantly the decade, “When Doves Cry[ed]” and Madonna reminded us we were all “Like a Virgin"…., I “Double Dare” you to pull out your faux gold bamboo earrings, oversized blazers and leggings to remember the time, or will you be “Saved By The Bell”!

Our 1980 candle exudes fragrance notes of sage + lavender that will swiftly captivate your senses  providing a mental balance and tranquility taking you back to the 80’s.  Pretty Young Thing!

Candle melts evenly, exuding a concentrated fragrance to fill the room.
    • Natural soy wax
    • Cotton wicks
    • No added dyes
    • Products are shipped within 3-5 days and delivered via USPS 
To avoid injuries—
  • Trim the wick before lighting, keeping debris out of wax pool
  • Burn no longer than 4 hours at a time
  • Let wax harden before relighting, touching, moving or covering with lid
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Never leave candle unattended
  • Never extinguish with water
  • Don’t burn near things that catch fire
  • Place candle on heat resistant surface and avoid drafts
  • Stop using candle when 1/2” wax remains, do not let candle burn itself out
  • To avoid tunneling, do not extinguish candle until it has achieved a full melt pool